Employment Opportunities

What does it mean to woMrs. Melanie Ringa, CFOMrs. Melanie Ringa, CFOrk at St. Vladimir's Seminary? Imagine working in an environment where on a daily basis you use your education, training and professional experience to support an educational environment which trains priests, lay leaders and essentially the future of Orthodoxy not only in the United States but in the world. As we labor in our individual tasks we are constantly reminded by the ringing of the Chapel bells that as Orthodox Christians we are called first to worship as a community. That is the foundation of our faith and of the ministries that we perform on a daily basis.

After working almost thirty years in corporate America, continually explaining that I am an Orthodox Christian and asking for time off on the major feast days, it is a privilege and a joy to work with and worship with other Orthodox Christians who "know what day it is!" While we are a business with all the challenges that brings, we operate in an environment steeped in the rich history that is St. Vladimir's, and the commitment to our mission is evident in our surroundings and in our personnel, from the Board of Trustees on down to the part-time staffers. It is truly a blessing to call this my job. 

At the present time, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary is seeking to fill the following positions: