Financial Aid

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St. Vladimir’s Seminary awards and distributes its financial resources with a view toward Christian charity and stewardship. Most seminary students in residence receive some form of financial assistance, and students should be mindful that such aid is a privilege to be enjoyed thanks to many benefactors who have graciously given funds to the seminary.  

All students are considered financially independent. Therefore, parental information is not required to determine need. The Seminary does, however, require financial information from spouses of married students and full disclosure of grant and scholarship assistance from outside sources, such as, but not limited to, parish, diocesan, and archdiocesan education funds.

Please find below links information on eligibility for financial aid, application deadlines, types of financial aid and more. 

To discuss the Seminary's financial aid opprotunities please contact the Director of Admissions, Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak, at, or on 914.961.8313 ext 328. 

Federal Loan Programs
Eligibility for Financial Aid
Application Deadlines
Types of Financial Aid
Probation and Loss of Award
Financial Aid Refunds
Financial Exigency
Financial Aid Application 
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