Information for New Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to St Vladimir's Seminary! May the Lord bless you in all your endeavors during the forthcoming semester and throughout your seminary career.

One of the beloved icons in our chapel is the icon of Christ holding a Gospel Book open to the words “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit” (John 15:16). Take some time to visit the icon; it will remind you of why you are here, that the initiative for your coming is not your own, but the Lord’s.

Remember also that the time you spend here is a gift. It is meant to prepare you for service in Christ’s Church. We hope that you will use this time not only to learn about our Faith but also to learn about yourself. We hope that you will use this time not only for training and formation but also to deepen your love for the Lord. We wish you the very best in this, your first semester of studies and prayer at St Vladimir’s Seminary.

Yours in Christ,

Dr John Barnet
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

The Rev. Dr David Mezynski
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Fall 2015 Orientation

Thursday, August 27 (5:00 pm) through Sunday, August 30

The orientation program at St. Vladimir's Seminary includes not only informational sessions to introduce new students to seminary life but also a series of structured activities for students to explore the nature of Christian vocation and begin building community. For this reason, orientation is required for all incoming degree candidates, part-time as well as full-time, and encouraged for non-degree students.
Fall 2015 Orientation Schedule

Medical Forms


The following forms must be submitted to Nina Matusiak, Student Affairs Administrator, by August 15. Students who do not submit all required forms and supporting documentation by the deadline—incomplete or inaccurate forms will not be accepted—will not be permitted to register or attend classes. Students who submit forms after the deadline will be charged a late registration fee of $50. If all medical forms are not on file with the Student Affairs Administrator within thirty (30) days after classes begin, students will be administratively withdrawn from the seminary.
Proof of Insurance Form
Vaccination Form

Vaccination Statements:
MMR Vaccination Statement
Meningitis Vaccination Statement

Note for MDiv students: Completion of a pre-admission physical is required for Clinical Pastoral Education. The physical, which is sometimes performed by the sponsoring hospital at no additional cost to the student, includes a TB test and proof of MMR vaccination.

Federal Student Loans

General information on Federal Student Loans may be found in the Academic Catalog. To apply for a direct loan for the first time, please submit the following form to Ann Sanchez, Immigration Services and Direct Lending Counselor:
Loan Application Form and Instructions

On-Campus Vehicle Registration

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: First Friday of the Semester

Students who park a vehicle on seminary property are required to maintain legal registration and insurance for their vehicle. Students with a legally registered and properly insured vehicle will, upon completing the Seminary’s vehicle registration form, be issued a  parking sticker for the current academic year at no cost, if completed on time. To receive a sticker, students must submit the vehicle registration form and a copy of their registration and insurance information to Nina Matusiak, Student Affairs Administrator, by the first Friday of the semester. Students who do not submit the vehicle registration form and required documentation by the deadline will be charged a parking sticker fee of $50.
Vehicle Registration Form